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Friday, February 11, 2005

Relationship Media 

This is from Rafat Ali's blog:

Grab: Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext, quoted someone in offering this advice to media companies: "Replace the word information (or content) with relationship." Also: "You have affinities in your community that just haven't been realized yet."

Exactly! See my recent rant on b2b media companies which mistakenly identify themselves as information companies.

I can't find the origin of the quote, but did enjoy reading Mayfield's blog, which has much in it that addresses core media issues. Especially check out this post, which features the following:

He provided a framework for how media is transitioning from lecture to conversation, with journalists (the least interesting group, also includes PR/Marketing functions that need to find a new role), newsmakers (now bypass the funnel) and the former audience (who rolls their own media and participates in it).

I disagree with this--journalists, or editors, are crucial in this information-overloaded environment. The audience does make more active choices, though usually not from raw data. Thought-provoking nonetheless.


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