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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Something Brewing At Penton? 

PTON.OB: Summary for PENTON MEDIA INC - Yahoo! Finance

I own some shares in Penton Media, so beware of the bias that two bits and a cup of Joe's worth of "assets" can create. The last few days, there's actually been an upward movement in this stock, with some higher-than-average volumes. Someone's buying. And it's moving up a lot today (as of 11:50 am, est).

Of course, the company has a market cap of a little over $5 million, against an enterprise value of $315 million (according to Yahoo), which is offset by debt of $328 million. So the size of the market cap is a relative thing.

It would be great to see Penton turn it around. I could use another cup of coffee about now! So who's buying?


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