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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Time Waster of the Week 

Keeping Score On The Road

TravelPost is the web equivalent of sticking pushpins into a world map. It's addictive, and a nice walk down memory lane, as well.

I've posted my map, so far. (I can only waste so much time). I've managed to visit every state in the US, and all of the southern Canadian provinces--just haven't had the time to enter them all, because the interface is a bit stodgy. But I do notice severe blanks in my travels--no Eastern Europe, no Africa, little South America, little Asia. Must book travel now!

Of course, when my partner Scott Chase gets his hands on this, he'll fill in most of the world. He's the only person I know who had to staple in extra pages into his passport for all the visas he acquired. He was crushed when his passport expired, and he had all those blank pages again.

From GridSkipper, the travel blog from the Gawker media empire.


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