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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Atlantic and Talk Radio 

Host by David Foster Wallace

I subscribe to a lot of magazines, but there are two that stand apart--when they pop into the mailbox, I read them cover-to-cover, that night. One is Esquire, a magazine I've subscribed to since I was 20, and which has had its ups and downs (but is currently on a pretty excellent up). The other is The Atlantic Monthly, which in my view is the finest general interest magazine in the world.

This month's Atlantic Monthly features a cover story on talk radio. You can find the article online here, if you're a subscriber. If you're not, you should get this issue (and subscribe).

Aside from reviving the old Wired's typographic attempts to mimic hyperlinking on ink and paper (and succeeding pretty well at that), the article is an interesting look at the connection made between host and listener on talk radio (as well as an interesting insight into the business of radio).

There's a lot here for serious publishers, journalists and bloggers to consider.

And I can't believe I referred to the "old" Wired.


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