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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Must-Read Stuff From Rex Hammock 

A magazine lover on why they matter

If you're a b2b media executive, and you do nothing else of value today, you can redeem yourself by reading the Media Life interview with Rex Hammock, linked above.

Everything Rex says is right on, including his insight into the power of the magazine format, regardless of how it's distributed (print and postage, or on-demand print-it-yourself, or...)

Among the sample grabs:

I think people who don't even read magazines, who certainly don't think about magazines, make way too many decisions about the business and editorial aspects of the industry. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about example of this is how many advertising decisions related to magazines are made by people who don’t actually read the magazines they buy into or don’t buy into.

Likewise, too many magazine editors and designers, and the publishers who hire them, make design and editorial and business decisions for someone other than the reader.

I think consumers have confidence in magazines. Consumers love magazines. I think it's media buyers and, frankly, media company owners and executives who are having the crisis in confidence about magazines. I wish they’d just get over it and get back to publishing great magazines.

Amen. There's much more. Read the whole thing. Please.


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