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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Newspaper sites still dominate 

Lost Remote: Survey: Newspaper sites still dominate

Via Rafat Ali: MediaAudit research on the largest website audiences by local markets. Grab: "Local newspapers have the leading websites in 74 of 81 markets." The others are dominated by either TV station websites or siters run by newspapers and TV stations in combination.

While the picture is apparently changing, with TV station websites beginning to edge up on newspaper websites, I think there's a clear message about the power of written-word media to transcend the printing press--and effectively compete with the larger audiences of broadcasters.

The folks who proclaim the death of newspapers should take a look at research like this. As with magazines, the idea of 'newspaper-ness' is more important than the newsprint and lousy ink they're printed on today.

The folks who run newspapers will need to figure out how to make a profit. The online Wall Street Journal, which may be raising its sub fees, seems to be doing a good job of showing one way to do it.


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