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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

B2B Experts and the MSM 

BtoB Meets the Press

Nice whitepaper from American Business Media on getting your b2b editors into the mainstream media as industry experts, with advice from the MSM on how to pitch stories and make your publications generally useful.

Grab: "We all cover the beverage industry aggressively, for example. I would be interested in sitting down with the editor of one of those beverage titles and just see what the big issues are. What are the companies that you're really paying attention to? And if I get a story, I'll give you credit." Melanie Wells, Forbes.

It's always worth the effort to encourage your editors to step out as industry experts, because they should be. And it's a great way to make the case for your magazine over your competitors, without having to crank out yet another study that shows you're number one. If your audience and your advertisers see that you have a line to the large circulation business pages as an 'expert witness,' you're adding value--to them and to your business.

Also, not a bad use of a NXTbook in the link at the top. Easy to read and navigate. I, for one, like digital editions. I think the trick is to find the right reader format. I'm still hoping that electronic paper technologists find a nice lightweight, rollable and foldable way to view these types of things.


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