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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mass Transit 

DCist: Metro's (Unofficial) Rules

I don't have the opportunity to ride Washington D.C.'s Metro all that often (usually only when it's snowing or when my wife and I plan a late night in town, since the nearest Metro station is about as far from my house as the center of DC is), but when I do ride the Metro, I manage to encounter nearly all of the 'rule breakers' called out in DCist.

One (very) oblique media observation: when riding a full Metro train, a small handheld news reader would come in handy. It's impossible to read a broadsheet like the WSJ without getting dirty looks and muscle cramps. I've tried using my smartphone, but of course, AT&T/Cingular hasn't figured out how to get signals in the Metro like Verizon does.

Update: Also, some nice DC "etiquette" links from Gridskipper, fast becoming my favorite travel blog.


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