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Friday, April 01, 2005

Newspapers: Not Dead Yet. Getting Better? 

Borrell: Local Online Spending Soars 28 Pct.

As reported in Mediaweek, and according to Borrell Associates, only about half of the $2.7 billion spent on local online advertising went to pure Internet players, with "old-fashioned local media, like newspaper, TV and radio station Web sites...losing their afterthought status among marketers."

Grab: Yet the biggest beneficiary of an increased appetite for local advertising appears to be publicly traded newspaper giants; companies like The New York Times and Knight Ridder are reporting advertising growth in the 40-45 percent range, though online revenue remains a tiny percentage of these companies' overall gross revenue. Overall, newspapers dominated local online advertising in 2004, accounting for 44 percent share of all locally spent ad dollars.

It's not a big chunk of change yet, but it's growing.


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