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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Penton Rising? 

Who knows? But there's a nice interview with Penton CEO David Nussbaum in this week's min's b2b. [Subscription required, and recommended]

Grab: For one thing, he says, Penton--and its counterparts in
b2b--is increasingly selling to marketers, not advertisers. "We find that marketers once again have money to spend, but it isn't easy to get at unless you can come forward with creative, customized packages that can get the job done," he tells us. "I think we're doing a better job of that. We're expected to provide an avenue for our customers to reach their customers. We can't just do that with an advertising channel anymore, because companies like ours have to provide multiple access points" (by which he means e-media, sponsored road shows, targeted events, databases, and just about anything else that moves the ball forward).

Elsewhere in this week's issue:

A good piece by new media maven Steve Smith, with the following observation:

Web technology levels the playing field between consumer and trade news sources. Aggregators like Google and Yahoo! News, let alone the RSS (real simple syndication) feeds to general audiences and journalists alike, now put headlines from small b2bs beside or above those of the wire services. Whoever breaks a story first, or best, has as much a chance of being picked up by major media as anyone else.

Usual disclosures: I own enough Penton stock to buy a grande latte, or maybe just the smaller one--I'm not quite sure. And I had a hand in launching min's b2b years ago.


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