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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Scott Donaton Gets It 

Making Space for the Future of Magazine Publishing

I enjoyed Scott Donaton's column on the National Magazine Awards, especially his assumption that is as much a magazine and has as much a right to hang with the big glossies as any other nominee.

Says Donaton: Had Nerve bagged an elephant, it would have been a bold statement. It’s not only redefined the model for profitable niche publishing, it’s also one of the freshest editorial voices to come along in years.


[Nerve's] half of Table 19...was a validation of Nerve’s achievements, a sign the magazine industry is ready to make space, if only by adding a few chairs, for the future of publishing.

It's great to have the editor of Advertising Age making that same space. I'll say it again: a magazine doesn't need to be printed on paper to be a magazine. A magazine is an editorial- and audience-organizing principle, regardless of the production or distribution mechanics.


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