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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogs as Technology? - Once blogs 'change everything,' fascination with them will chill:

Really nonsensical piece from USA Today (Via IWantMedia). Basic premise: blogging is hot now, but soon will be replaced by another technology. For some reason, I don't think of blogging as a technology. Blogging is another way to publish to, reach and coverse with an audience (even if that audience may only be me).

Sample grab:

"But in the past, each technology has also gone through a cycle of superhype, followed by a hype-o-glycemic crash. After that, the technology reaches equilibrium and steadily evolves into a crucial piece of the global fabric.

'For the moment, blogs are on the ascent to the detriment of other media activities,' says Larry Downes, professor of information economics at the University of California-Berkeley. 'But newer and more interesting communications technologies will unthrone blogs soon enough.'

The novelty of blogs will wear off, Downes says, just as it did with Web sites a handful of years ago. 'How much time do you spend anymore just surfing the Web, you know, for fun?' he asks." doesn't communicate with people. People communicate with people, sometimes using technology.

Update: Rex Hammock's view.


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