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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Golf and the Lessons of Technology 

The New York Times > Sports > Golf > Golf Club Prices Are Up; Scores Are Not Down

I don't golf anymore. Playing the game hurt my back and my ego simultaneously. But the article linked above from the NY Times got me thinking. All that ball and club technology, all that money spent, and average golf scores haven't declined.

The lesson for me: technology is great, but the fundamentals remain the fundamentals. That's something we in b2b media need to keep in mind. Blogging, podcasts, e-magazines and other communications vehicles may become wonderful ways to connect with our audiences in new ways. But if we don't get the basics right--creating valuable and must-read content that helps our audiences do their jobs better, make more money and grow in their careers--we're going to fail, regardless of medium.


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