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Friday, May 13, 2005

Impactful Synergistic Value Adds for Stakeholders 

800-CEO-READ Blog: Business Book Smarts

Brand Autopsy blogger John Moore reviews "Why Business People Speak Like Idiots" (Free Press, 2005) over at the 800-CEO-READ blog.

According to the authors, there are four idiot 'traps:'

The Obscurity Trap
"The Obscurity Trap catches idiots desperate to sound smart or prove their purpose, and lures them with message-killers like jargon, long-windedness, acronyms, and evasiveness. "

The Anonymity Trap
"We outsource our voice through templates, speechwriters and email, and cave in to conventions that aren't really even rules."

The Hard-Sell Trap
"We overpromise. We accentuate the positive and pretend the negative doesn't exist."

The Tedium Trap
"They tattoo their long executive-sounding titles on their foreheads, dump pre-packaged numbers on their audience, and virtually guarantee that we want nothing to do with them."

I've met a number of B2B media executives prone to this kind of 'vague, dull and conformist' talk (self definitely included). But media execs, of all people, should know how to communicate clearly and honestly.

I'm going to read the book, and try the authors' free Bullfighter software.


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