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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Joy of Magazines 

One of the joys of being in the magazine business is the tactile and relatively immediate feedback you get from your work. Every month (or week or quarter), you get to hold the results of your labor in your hands.

Yesterday, after some detective work in the cavernous halls of McCormick Place, I found the pallets bearing 4,000 copies of ERI--Extended Retail Industry Journal. (Why is it that almost every trade show hall manages to lose or misplace magazines?) Our little company helped Retail Systems Alert Group (RSAG) conceive and launch the magazine--a process that took a little over seven months.

GRID art director extraordinaire Lise Holliker Dykes, who's in town to produce the Show Daily we're also managing for RSAG, noted that she never gets quite the same buzz from her web work as she does from holding a piece of print media she worked on. How will we old ink-on-paper folks get our joy in the future, when we've fully migrated to e-publishing?

I'll worry about that one later. For now, volume one, number one of ERI looks great and feels great. I look forward to hearing feedback from our readers and advertisers here at the show.


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