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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

MediaPace: ABM's B2B Blog 

MediaPace : Setting the pace for business-to-business dialogue

American Business Media (ABM) has started a blog. It will be interesting to see how the association proceeds with their experiment.

This grab has me a little worried: But what about the business-to-business world -- a slightly slower-moving (some would say timid) environment -- where blogs, like this one, are toes-in-the-water experiences trying to gain exposure in the lickity-split blogosphere.

I think the B2B world moves very fast, and usually innovates solutions well in advance of our B2C media brethren. If top b2b media executives (and ABM members) are dithering over the impact of blogs and the Internet, they can rest assured that their clients are not.

B2B media should be at the forefront of the development of any and all new ways to create communities of buyers and sellers.

Any B2B media company not at this forefront faces the true impact of the web and blogging--being cut out of the process of reaching the end consumer. If our clients can sell direct, who needs us?


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