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Friday, May 20, 2005

NY Times 'Paid Content' Replacement Guide 

Hugo E. Martin on Media, Marketing & Internet: Too Much Content on the Web - or How to Replace NYT's Behind the Wall Content

Hugo Martin points to a post from Peter Levinson which shows Peter's handy New York Times "paid content" replacement guide--"free" versions of what will soon be behind a paid wall at the Grey Lady's website. He offers media equivalents and blog replacements.

Levinson notes: Markos makes the point neatly when he says, "There's way too much content out there for me to pay for any of it." I'm sure there are many who will read Markos's comment and wonder what he's talking about or flat out disagree with him. But the simple fact is that Markos is correct.

This is the same logic behind outsourcing skilled service jobs to India--of course, the service is the same, until you've spent several hours struggling through language issues to get your email service to work again. But it certainly is cheaper.

We who earn our living "monetizing content" and audiences have a lot of work to do. Note this grab from the always excellent Jeff Jarvis:

At the Syndicate conference this week, I was standing next to Doc [Searles] and a fellow media executive who was saying what all us media executives say all the time: We need to find the business models that will support quality journalism.

Without missing a beat, Doc says, "You need to come up with business models that support news without newspapers."


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