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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Required Reading 

Future of magazines: Net could empower readers

Terrific roundtable discussion on magazines, technology and the future from Online Journalism Review's Mark Glaser (via IWantMedia), featuring David Abrahamson, Jeff Jarvis, Samir Husni, Nina Link, Jay Rosen and Joan Walsh.

Click the link above and add this to your required reading (and thinking) list.

Sample grab from Jeff Jarvis:

However, magazines have one great strength: They've not been commoditized. There are many newspapers and news shows reporting the same things. Magazines have a voice and in this era voice is values; magazines can create content with unique value and if they can continue to find readers across media they will survive.

There's a lot I agree with in this discussion, and some I disagree with, but am thinking more about.


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