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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bandwidth at Tradeshows 

Rich Westerfield and Tim Bourquin both tackle the issue of internet access and bandwidth at trade show and conference venues.

According to Rich, in many cities bandwidth availability will be more important than venue, and I agree. Grab:

So wireless needs to be everywhere, not just in some lobby or a couple of meeting rooms. Everywhere. And it needs to be fast. Lots and lots of available bandwidth ready on a moment's notice.

That also goes for cell repeaters. And power stations (why not charge a little money to allow people to power up their batteries in a secure environment--kind of like a coat check for cellphones, PDAs and laptops?) It was amazing to me how many dead spots McCormick Lakeside Center has. And how few places you could find a standard plug for a quick power up.

Venue owners need to think like their customers' customers.


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