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Monday, June 06, 2005

E-zine "Ergonumetrisonics" 

Interesting take on e-zines from Tradeshow BluesBlogger Jeffrey D. Brown, who posts on IAEM's E2 Exhibitions & Events


Did I want to print it out in whole and try to read it like a print magazine? Probably not (it doesn't feel like a magazine). I might print a page or two (or more)... which I will add to one of the several (many) stacks of papers in my work area. OR... do I just want to read this on the screen? Probably. In which case, I'm thinking I'd rather be reading it as screen text.

Brown awaits "high quality lightweight e-pads with the all-encompassing, ergonumetrisonic look-and-feel experience." (Cool made-up word).

This weekend, I found myself at a group dinner, trying to explain the impact of the Internet on publishing, something you shouldn't try to do after a large glass of wine (or two). I eventually found myself babbling about e-ink and e-paper, and other potentially 'ergonumetrisonic' readers, and then wondered if these readers-of-the-future need to happen merely to transition us old folks away from our addiction to ink on paper. As a fellow conversationalist noted, his teen-aged sons don't do ink on paper at all, if they can avoid it. Their written word media model is text on the screen.

Which takes us back to Brown's point. E-zines look good. And the horizontal layout (with new and interesting ad positions--check out the IAEM e-zine) is functional. But do we want to read them on the screen? Or print them out? Or what?


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