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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Folio: Blurb on ERI Journal 

A New Read for Retail

Thanks to the folks at Folio: for blurbing the launch of ERI, the magazine we helped launch for Retail Systems Alert Group (RSAG). My partner Scott Chase and I are pleased with the book, and the response from the marketplace. RSAG's editorial team--Eric Olson, Dan Berthiaume, Steve Rowen and Mike West--did a stellar job. But there's still a lot of work to do do get this publication out of 'launch phase' and moving toward maturity.

I've had a few questions about what GRID Media (our company) is and does. Generally, we manage media properties for media owners on an on-going basis, serving as the outside publisher. We do this for a select group of magazine owners, and for a news syndicate.

We also do launches. My friend Kevin Condon, the ceo of Proximus B2B LLC (the owner of RSAG), tasked us with creating a magazine which realized the vision of Tom Friedman, RSAG's founder, of the interlinked retail value chain--from supplier to retailer to consumer. We oversaw the development of the magazine's editorial and advertising position, and the sales process. Our goal is to breathe life into the publication, and then help hire our replacement, a full-time publisher who will carry it forward. We'll be working on that over the next few months.

So essentially, GRID Media brings outside talent to a media company's internal resources, in order to develop, manage and grow new and existing media properties.


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