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Friday, June 24, 2005

Gaming and Great Writers 

The Best Writers in the Business 2005

GameDailyBiz does a great job of covering the media that covers their market. The gaming world is generally served by enthusiast publications and websites which tend to also encompass the B2B segment--that is, there really aren't any successful trade magazines for gaming--the enthusiast publications fill this niche by serving retail buyers and game publishers as well.

The piece linked at the top of this post looks at GameDailyBiz's take on the best writers serving the gaming world. "The goal of this search," they note, "was to find great writers that might otherwise go unnoticed."

Given my friend Paul Conley's series of posts on editorial quality, ethics and his insightful critiques of website execution, I think it's important to remember that our business comes down to something simple: excellent reporting, analysis, writing and analysis creates a winning product.

The GameDailyBiz folks get that.

Here are some key grabs from their piece:

His serious work is not as flashy as some of the other writers on this list, but Keighley has a sharp eye for getting to the beating heart of the story.


Thorsen's Rumor Control column at GameSpot is consistently entertaining, well researched and always packed with good information.


Casamassina deserves a spot on this list if only for his ability to manage a surprisingly massive, usually angry and always poor-spelling audience of Nintendo fans.


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