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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Kosher Press Release 

A few days ago, Penton announced the acquisition and co-location of the Kosher World Conference & Expo with its Natural Products Expo West. Not huge news, and I didn't blog it then. But I recently had a chance to look over the press release announcing the acquisition, and what I saw, I liked. Granted, it contains the usual string of self-congratulatory quotes.

But there's an addition: two quotes from kosher food distributors, and a quote from the Rabbinic administrator of the Kosher Information Bureau, lauding the deal.

These quotes lent a credibility to the transaction that I haven't seen often repeated in b2b media acquisition or launch announcements.

Congrats to my friend Mary Abood, and her corporate communications and investor relations team at Penton, on some fine work providing context to a transaction.

(Obligatory disclosure: I own some Penton stock, which has now risen enough for me to afford two cups of joe! Maybe soon, I'll be able to afford a chocolate croissant, as well.)


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