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Friday, June 10, 2005

Of Em-Dashes—and B2B Blogs 

We get e-mails:

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Boston chapter of American Society of Business Publication Editors is going to be launching a weblog very soon; I'll let you know when it's public [It is now, and can be found here.]

BTW, the HTML code for an em dash, should you choose to use it, is:

— [The code being ampersand#8212]

Excuse me for being a busybody on that one, but I do copy editing, and every time I see the two dashes instead of a real em-dash, I cringe! ;)

Martha Spizziri
American Society of Business Publication Editors

I'm an em-dash user and abuser, so I'll try my best to insert the proper code in the future—such as now. But there are no guarantees!

And congratulations to the Boston ASBPE crew. As they point out, there aren't too many b2b media-focused blogs. But I'd add the following to their list, which includes Paul Conley and the ABM's MediaPace (not all are b2b media-focused, but are very relevant to what we do):

Rexblog. Not necessarily always about b2b, but always relevant to issues of technology, content and publishing. Rex Hammock is also posting to the rapidly improving ABM blog.

B2blog. Dave Jung posts from the b2b reader/customer perspective. He's the 'who we publish for,' and his perspectives help me stay focused on that.

Alan Meckler. The CEO of Jupitermedia posts on technology and media, often from a b2b perspective.

Hugo Martin. Posting from Germany, Hugo offers an excellent perspective on b2b media.

Paul Woodward blogs b2b media from Hong Kong, and like Hugo, brings a unique take to our business.

Brian Carroll's B2B Lead Generation Blog delves deeply into what our advertisers want most--(oops!)leads—and how to successfully make the complex sale.

IDG's Colin Crawford blogs on technology and its impact on b2b media.

Rich Westerfield blogs on trade shows, conferences and meetings, as does Sue Pelletier and Jeffrey D. Brown. All three are terrific reads.

Can you add to this list? If so, drop me an email. I'll be working on my em-dash skills in the meantime.


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