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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Print Advertising Critique 

The always excellent GameDailyBiz takes a critical look at video game print advertising, and finds it weak.


For all the progressive talk in our industry about new ways to interact with games (and other people), [video game] publishers have seemed remarkably content to follow a herd mentality when it comes to video game advertising—print advertising, specifically.

Which leads me to wonder about b2b print advertising in general. Are we as b2b publishers focusing attention on what kind of creative works best in print for our specific audiences? If print ad creative becomes an afterthought to marketers, it's clear that results from print ad placements could be poor--and add to a continuing perception that print advertising is dying, or at least, less valuable than other forms of advertising.

Better than any survey on the value of print media, I think, would be print ad campaigns that work. I've never had trouble selling space to an advertiser who is getting results from advertising in my publication.

So are we providing critiques of and feedback on print creative to our clients? Are we providing them with tools to improve their ads? We should be.


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