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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tom Rogers and TiVo: Multiple Points of View 

Tom Rogers, the former chairman and ceo of Primedia, and now the president and ceo of TiVo, certainly generates some strong feelings.

First, the (vaguely) positive side, from Rafat Ali. Grab: To succeed, TiVo has to move away from the idea of owning the hardware category, which is where Rogers comes in. He stresses in the press release the need to work with "multi-channel carriers, networks and advertisers."

See also this post. Grab: "If they were looking for someone who could generate deals and business arrangements, Tom's history suggests he's the right guy," said Tom Wolzien, a top media analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.

Then the negative side, from Paul Conley (see bottom of post). Grab: People who witnessed the decline of Primedia on Rogers' watch may want to short some TiVo shares.

And from Rex Hammock: Grab: Let's hope one learns from ones mistakes.

TiVo has certainly revolutionized television watching in our home, and the TiVo model offers interesting lessons to all content providers (a combination of Google-like search, ease of programming, and user control over schedules). But whether Rogers can find a sustainable position for TiVo against other DVRs, and the nascent Windows Media Center, remains to be seen. TiVo, sadly, reminds me of Netscape, which had the coolest browser and the hottest technology, but which ultimately lost to different business models.


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