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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ABM's Media Kit Best Practices 

American Business Media has posted a .pdf of its best practices for media kits, from the ABM Marketing Committee. Nothing stunning here, but a good reminder of what works in terms of content and process.

I've long thought that the printed media kit is a waste of money. Back in the early 90s, we did some informal research among advertisers and agencies, and found that generally, the guts of every kit was pulled and filed (and forgotten), and that the most important pieces that media buyers wanted were the rate card and circulation statement. One buyer told me: "Every media kit, just like every piece of reader research, tells me that a magazine is number one. Everyone is number one at something. So I discount that, and look solely at circulation and rates."

Even though that's a bit limiting, there's a reality there. Most media buyers are inundated with marketing materials. We need to provide them with simple tools with which to make decisions (the most important of which is the consultative salesperson, who can design programs for individual customer needs--something a media kit can't really do).

For most of our clients, we now develop a simple set of .pdfs which can be emailed or downloaded from a website. And then we listen to their needs.


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