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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Darknet 

Picking the Media's Digital Lock

I point to the piece linked above from the New York Times for two reasons. The first is this quote from the book "Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation," by J. D. Lasica.

"Because users don't like digital locks, somebody will figure out how to pick them, and content will spill into the Darknet [Lasica's term for the wild west arena of Internet piracy] despite the best efforts to wall it off. The best way companies can fight darknet piracy, they said, is by offering affordable, convenient, compelling products and services. In other words, the most effective copy protection system is a great business model."

Too true.

The second reason is that you can find large amounts of the book's content at the author's website. Proving his assertion, I read a few chapters, then ordered the book. Great business model!

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