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Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Digital Edition With Video 

A recent e-newsletter from digital edition provider Texterity accomplished several things. First, it got me to read the linked articles, especially the piece showing examples of print ads which promote the availability of digital editions, and then it got me back to the Texterity website, where I came across a sample of Advertising Age's Cable 2005.

I like this one a lot. First, Texterity requires no downloads, and navigation is easy. Second, the Ad Age folks thoughtfully provide a quick guide to their digital edition. And third, Cable 2005 features six pieces of promotional/advertising video. (As you'll see, Cable 2005 is an advertising piece, with a page of text, including programming schedule, and an ad for each ad-supported cable network who participated.)

It's very cool, and had me thinking of various ways that b2b publishers could add video and audio clips to support the text and graphics of their digital editions. In addition to selling video and audio ads, it would be great to see video of roundtable interviews and conference speakers. How about video clips of the editors commenting on the content, and providing even more perspective?

All of which would go a long way to building a very immersive digital experience.

If you happen to know of other digital editions that have embedded video (or audio), please let me know.


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