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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Google to Sell Print Ads Too 

Google takes ad sales to print | CNET

According to the Google-embargoed folks at CNET, the company has been experimenting with buying display ad space inventory from publishers, and reselling this space in smaller blocks to participants in its AdWords program.

Grab: "Google has shown that big media companies don't have to be part of the mix at all," [Tim] Hanlon[,senior vice president of emerging contacts at ad agency Publicis Groupe] said. "People can just get the content and ads directly from an uber-intermediary. That's caught a lot of traditional ad types off guard."

I don't agree with that, of course, since the big media companies are evidently providing the space, and the circulation.

Interesting facts and analysis. Click the link at the top for more.

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Via IWantMedia.


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