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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Questex EBITDA Multiple, and More 

Advanstar, which held its Q2 earnings call today, posted a PowerPoint slide in which it calculates Questex's revenues and EBITDA at the time of sale, and derives a 9.3x multiple. You can see the slide here. It would be interesting to know, at the end of the year, whether that multiple has grown for the buyer.

There were some other interesting things noted during the call. CEO Joe Loggia noted that the MAGIC show, to be held in two weeks, is tracking ahead of last year in number of exhibitors, square footage and attendee registration. That's got to be good news, given the size and importance of MAGIC to Advanstar and its earnings.

He also said, related to the possible sale of the company, that "no final decision has been made."


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