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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reasons to Attend Conferences 

My Top 10 Reasons to Attend

The always-excellent Sue Pelletier outlines her top 10 reasons to attend a conference. As usual, great food for thought, especially reason # 3:

Show, don’t tell. I don’t need talking-head dudes and dudettes telling me about the latest developments in an industry. Put my damp little hands on whatever it is and let me take the idea for a test drive. For example: ASAE did a brilliant job of introducing attendees to new tech tools they can use with their meetings by incorporating a show blog, Flickr photo sharing, content tagging, and the social networking tool IntroNetworks into ASAE’s recent annual meeting. Score: 10+.

Why do I attend conferences? Ultimately, for the "hallway track" that Sue talks about in this post. Everything else is secondary.


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