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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Rules of Journalism 

The Lessons You Learned in J-School have Changed

The good folks at GameDailyBiz contemplate Jay Rosen's much-blogged post "Things I Used to Teach That I No Longer Believe" Was the Title of the Panel... and relate the Prof. Rosen's thoughts to the enthusiast gaming press. And, as usual, I think the enthusiast gaming press looks and acts a lot like the trade press in general.


What is the enthusiast press here to accomplish? Are we here to encourage readers to love games? Are we here as a critical buffer between the readers and bad games? Are we here to build up this industry? Are we here simply to report videogame-related events as they happen?

The questions start here, and the foundational ethics that flow forth will be dramatically different depending on the answers.

You could ask the same question in a similar vein of any trade magazine. Read the full post, linked at the top, for more.

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