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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And VNU Business Media too? 

From the always-excellent The Deal, speculation that VNU's Business Media USA unit, which publishes 44 business magazines and 17 directories, produces 70 events and conferences and 59 trade shows, and operates 174 electronic products, will go on the block.

Grab: That VNU is likely to take a page from the G + J playbook and sell its U.S. magazine assets doesn't mean either publisher is retreating from long-standing global ambitions. Each, rather, is merely fine-tuning its participation in what [AdMedia Partners Managing Director Mark] Edmiston calls a "global carve-out" by geographic region and publishing niche.

Read the piece for some interesting analysis on this "global carveout" among magazine publishers, "one that's not only reshaping the magazine business but also, to a degree destined to be dramatic, reducing the number of its global players."

It should also be interesting to see how VNU Business Media is sold. Can the market bear another large overall deal, as this one would certainly be? Or will it make sense to parse off chunks of the company to strategic buyers? The power of VNU's brands--Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Adweek, Editor & Publisher among them--will certainly make this sale, if it comes to that, a tempting one for both PE companies and strategics.

Via IWantMedia.


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