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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Folio: Building Fourth Quarter Business 

Squeezing More Sales Out of the Fourth Quarter

Yours truly blathers in the new issue of Folio: (see link above) about using potential short rates and rebates as a tool for enhancing fourth quarter business. I'm unsure how many b2b publishers still stick to rate card, much less require signed contracts for frequency discounts (we do, though it's increasingly tough to enforce rateholders). But I continue to believe that discussions of actual frequency versus contracted frequency are a valuable way to talk to customers about the fourth quarter and the year ahead in September and October.

See also Peter Hoyt's approach:

Tell your customer that advertising in the fourth quarter is not for this year, it’s for next year. And that idea does kind of germinate—a certain percentage of advertisers grab that and think “You’re right, I’ve got to do that, I’ve got to lay the groundwork.” And so it starts taking it out of why advertise now—you’re not advertising for now, you’re advertising for later.

And Bob Davidowitz' approach:

We’ll try to present big ideas, something that is customized for the particular advertiser that is tied to a paging schedule in the magazine and therefore becomes non-cancelable.


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