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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google's Blog Search...hmm 

It's great to see Google join the blog search game.

But interestingly, even though I use Google's Blogger to create this blog, and even though you can find posts from this blog on Google itself, you can't find this blog on Google's Blog Search. You can only find some of the bloggers who have pointed here.

Of course, Google's Blog Search is still in beta, so I'm sure that it's just an oversight. They couldn't possibly be mad at me for posts like this and this, could they?

Nah, that would just be paranoia.

Anyway, you can use Google's Blog Search to find great b2b media posts from my friends Paul Conley, Hugo Martin, Paul Woodward, Rex Hammock, Sue, you get the picture.

I feel strangely left out.


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