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Friday, September 02, 2005

Philips' Roll-out Display...and of course, Google 

Philips to demo roll-up display at IFA

Regular readers of this blog know that I have an inordinate interest in e-paper and its various potential applications. EETimes reports (in the link above) that Philips subsidiary Polymer Vision will be demonstrating a roll-out display in Berlin over the next week.

Grab: Readius is a prototype of a connected consumer device for business professionals unwilling to sacrifice readability, mobility, performance, or weight in a pocket-sized, e-reader concept, the company said. However, Polymer Vision does not intend to commercialize this concept, leaving that up to future customers.

This one's still monochromatic, but a great step forward in developing e-paper display applications.

Warning: Now-Mandatory Google Comments to Follow

I wonder if Google is anticipating e-paper publishing a bit with its experiments in vending discounted print ad space?

Speaking of which, posted this article on the Google experiment.

Grab: [Jason Young, Ziff Davis' president of Internet and consumer technology publishing] downplayed the effect that reselling would have on its overall ad sales business, instead focusing on the idea that the new tactic would open up the magazine to new advertisers. "In terms of siphoning pages, this is about classified advertising. They're one-sixth or one-fifth of a page together with small marketers that we would have never done business with," he said.

New and more advertisers are good, if that's what results.

Fish are friends, not food!

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