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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dummy Hand Grenades and Other Interesting Searches 

I use MyBlogLog Pro to track readership and clickthroughs for this blog. Over the past few weeks, they've added a cool feature, which allows me to track where people clicked from to get here, including Google and Yahoo searches.

Today, the funniest click in came from a Google search on Dummy Hand Grenades, which, sure enough, shows a link to this blog for a post I did on Deborah Howell, my erstwhile client contact for Religion News Service. Congrats, by the way, to Deborah, who officially starts her new job as ombudsman for The Washington Post on Monday.

But the MyBlogLog "Where Readers Came From" report is pretty cool. Seven folks popped in so far today after searching Google for Penton (any meaning to that I'm missing?). Others came in from searches for VNU, Endurance Business Media, Advanstar and Questex. Paul Conley's blog sent over a few folks.

And there was one enigmatic Google search: What is the probability the market thinks the deal will go on? that pointed to this blog. Very zen, since it doesn't specify VNU.

If you're running a blog, I recommend MyBlogLog. It gives a good idea of how people get to you if they're clicking in, as opposed to reading the RSS feed, and then what they do (in terms of clicking outbound links) once they're with you.


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