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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tales of Media Rep Gaffes 

Yesterday, my partner Scott Chase and I were trying to fit five client calls into a day trip to New York. The lovely weather in the Northeast made for fun--our plane was an hour and half late in taking off, our finely-tuned schedule was a mess, and we arrived consistently late for meetings, sopping wet (rainfall is the leading cause of mysterious taxi cab disappearances in NYC).

We called in advance, shuffled schedules, and our clients were gracious and wonderful, and we managed to get through the day (with only one call rescheduled for another trip).

There's nothing I hate worse than being late.

But I felt a bit better after reading Media Life's 'Actually, I'm not pregnant, thank you,' a recounting from the perspective of media buyers on the worst sales call blunders they've encountered.

At least Scott and I managed to avoid making most of these mistakes.


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