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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

B2B and e-Paper 

Colour e-paper drives next wave of digital media

Fujitsu should have color e-paper products on the market by 2007.

Of course, as a print guy, I've been thinking about e-paper as a dynamic multimedia tool for publishing applications. But as I've been reading more about it, I see another opportunity for b2b media.

As the article, linked above, points out: "The price would eventually fall so it could replace "practically any form of signage or paper-based documents, even potentially shelf labels..."

If you serve retail markets, how will you leverage your information and data at the point of sale? Could a wine trade magazine provide real time reviews and ratings on shelf-talkers? Could an IT magazine provide the same service to computer and software retailers?

For non-retail markets, can we produce real-time e-paper catalogs? Can we create in-office posters with up-to-the-minute news and analysis?

In a time when accountability is king, how can b2b media use e-paper technology to have a direct impact on sales?


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