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Friday, November 04, 2005

Electronic Show Dailies 

How Not to Produce an Electronic Trade Show Daily

I was prepared to disagree with Prescott's criticism, linked above, of the Folio: Show electronic daily. I kinda liked its shiny presentation, and was grateful to be able to read about some of the doings at the event, which I couldn't attend.

But then Prescott sold me in his close:

Not to say that we have it right, but I think that our trade show daily blogs and enewsletters provide far more content and capture the spirit and goings on’s of a show far better.

I agree. RSS-fed show blogs are a much better replacement for the traditional print daily. And they're more readable on portable devices--which adds to their usefulness in the show environment itself.

And Folio: should be blogging as well.


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