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Friday, November 04, 2005

Speaking of Community... 

The community of b2b bloggers is woefully small, as I've noted in the previous post. And that's why it's incumbent on those of us doing it to encourage as much quality b2b blogging as possible.

My friend Rich Westerfield dissed one of those quality bloggers, inadvertantly, I think. He wondered why his blog was linked to from

My friend Clyde Smith, who runs ProHipHop, responds:

As a trade blogger I'm always interested in other trade blogs, whether they're focused on entertainment or on business, that's why you'll find both music industry and business blogs listed in my sidebar link lists. Not all of them carry news or commentary to which I'd link at ProHipHop, but they provide a sense of the range of material I consider in putting this blog together and the kinds of sources that inform my commentary at ProHipHop. They also represent my interest in building the trade blog scene, because I think that's a really cool phenomenon.

I'm not in the HipHop business, but I read Clyde's blog regularly, for his insights into business and business media.

Clyde concludes: I think that trade bloggers should raise their awareness of each other and do what they can to support each other's work because we're doing something new, in many respects. We could all benefit as individuals from some simple group awareness.

Couldn't agree more.


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