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Thursday, November 17, 2005

What's a Bathroom Prophet? 

In yesterday's Folio: digital show daily from the ABM Top Management meeting, there was a brief piece on blogs (see page 4), featuring a quote that has me flummoxed:

Steve Ennen, American Business Media's resident Mediapace blogger, said balancing the interests of an association with personal analysis can be hard. "We don't have the liberty to be a bathroom prophet."

First, what's a bathroom prophet? Someone who scrawls obscenities in a stall? Is that what Steve thinks most bloggers are? If you know a definition, please let me know, since Google isn't very helpful on this front.

And second, I think Steve misunderstands the point of blogs. If you're balancing any interests, you're running the equivalent of press releases in blog form. Plenty of bloggers manage to blog successfully from within companies, and don't seem to have a problem with delivering strong personal analysis. Check out Scoble, or Dave Jung.

A blog is personal analysis, personal choice, personal taste--or should be.

But that's just the view of this bathroom prophet.


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