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Friday, November 04, 2005

When Bloggers Meet 

My business partner Scott Chase and I had the opportunity to attend Rafat Ali's DC MediaNext Mixer last night. The highlight, among highlights, for me, was spending some quality time with Rex Hammock, the godfather of magazine bloggers (though his interests, posts and audience are more broad ranging than that). We chatted about blogging, community and the still-surprisingly small number of magazine and b2b-media oriented bloggers (check out the links to the right to visit a few of the best out there).

But we also spent a few fascinating minutes on a common challenge that Rex and I both share: do businesses built on services contracts (his, for custom publishing, mine, for media management) have equity value...that is, can they be sold? Rex had some terrific insights into building equity value in these types of businesses, which I'll leave to him to blog if he chooses, and which I'll gleefully borrow.

I also came across another blogger, Josh Greene, who directs e-marketing for Time Warner Cable. I'll be checking out his work often. I've already picked up on a funny link from Josh, to a blog by Scott Ginsburg, who's been wearing a "Hello My Name is Scott" name tag for more than five years, and who has evidently now gotten a name tag tattoo on his chest.

Grab: HELLO, my name is Scott! And since November 2, 2000, I've spent every single day of my life studying approachability in a unique way: by wearing a nametag 24-7.

Personally, I'll leave the wearing of nametags to networking events. Many thanks to Rafat and Staci Kramer for hosting a wonderful event.

A postscript: I'm also looking forward to meeting Dave Jung face-to-face at Russell Perkins' InfoCommerce 2005 event in Philadelphia on Monday.


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