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Friday, December 09, 2005

M&A Chatter 

Interesting little roundup piece on media M&A from Reuters, featuring Trader Publishing and Advanstar.

Key grabs:

Sources estimated DLJ now wants $950 million to $1 billion for Advanstar, but current bids are $50 million to $100 million lower.


...those sources say the auction appears likely to fail unless DLJ lowers its asking price.

According to my completely non-scientific method of tracking b2b media zeitgeist (which entails occasionally looking at the Google, Yahoo and MSN search queries people use to find this blog, and then wildly trying to surmise why people use search phrases like "fish are friends"...what are they really looking for?), searches for Advanstar have been especially hot over the past seven days.

But so have searches looking for information on 101communications, which is also on the block, albeit more quietly. Perhaps we'll have news on that front soon, as well?


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