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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blog Dailies 

My friend Dick Koulbanis, about whose early-version electronic show dailies I posted here, asked me to check out Engadget's CES "show daily" blog. It's pretty good, with a nice mix of live-blogged press conferences, product announcements and mild tom-foolery.

Check out their live-blog of Bill Gates' keynote address, which features photos, key quotes and attitude. Would a formal "story" hurriedly composed in the on-site pressroom really be any better? Plus, this approach truly captures the vague senses of ennui and doom that one experiences when sitting through a Microsoft keynote.

Key Grab:

The guy behind us: "That was the longest keynote EVER."

Having attended a number of CES's in my distant past, and never really having had the time to go through the print show dailies present (except maybe to scour them for ad prospects), I find this kind of blogged show daily to be exactly on target. And it's easily readable from my web-enabled phone.

For some more thoughts on electronic dailies, see this post, especially the comments section, where Folio:'s Tony Silber debates the value of show blogs on-site (versus printed dailies). I think it's only a matter of time until the wider availability of web-enabled portables knocks the legs out from under the on-site competitive advantage of printed show dailies, assuming show venues get their acts together to provide better wireless service.

The challenge for show producers and publishers will be to find a blog daily revenue model that replaces the one generated by those shiny display ads, bellybands and inserts. And I mean a revenue model that works on portable devices, which don't have the screen size to show lots of banners effectively.


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