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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Congrats, Neal Winners 

My sincerest congratulations to all of the Jesse H. Neal Award winners, announced today.

Farm Journal took home the Grand Neal for a series of articles called "Asian Soybean Rust Takes Root in the U.S."

Special shoutout to Rex Hammock and Shannon McRae, who won a Neal for Best Department in Hammock Publishing's MyBusiness Magazine. Rex and his fine crew continue to redefine custom publishing to the highest standards of editorial and publishing excellence.

Local shoutout to Hanley-Wood, whose Builder magazine took home a Best Single Issue Neal.

And another local shoutout to PostNewsweek Tech Media, which captured two Neals--for Best News Coverage in Government Computer News and Best Single Issue Newspaper/News Tabloid for Washington Technology.

A final shoutout to Folio: columnist and blogfriend Jeff Klein, whose 101communications picked up a Neal for Best Start-up Publication for its Redmond Channel Partner.

I'll leave it to Paul Conley to comment on the website winners:, Aviation Week & Space Technology's Aviation Week Intelligence Network and, but I would again ask the Neal committee to consider expanding its recognition of electronic work to include features, departments and series written specifically for electronic distribution. It's about time, don't you think?

UPDATE: Paul's post on the Neals can be found here. He's also added a comment to this post, an excerpt of which I reproduce here:

Part of me would like to see more new-media catergories. But part of me would prefer to see only medium-neutral categories, i.e., best writing, best reporting, best design, best news series, etc.

And at the same time I really worry that the ABM judges just don't get new media.


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