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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Open Source Search and Cool Search 

If:Book's Bob Stein worries about Google:

do we really want to give this much power [to collect data] to a private corporation whose first allegiance is to shareholders rather than the body politic?

and then wonders:

what i can't figure out is: why isn't there a movement to develop a nonprofit, open source search engine? we have mozilla, we have wikipedia, we have linux. where is the people's search engine? isn't it time?

In the meantime, Content Matters points to Rollyo, which allows you to "roll your own" search engine, creating a focused (Yahoo) search of up to 25 websites. I tried it out, and of course found that this was old news to Rex Hammock, who created this Rollyo magazine resources search.

I put together a Rollyo search of some of my favorite b2b media-oriented sites. You can see the search box up at the top right of this blog, or you can click here.

While a targeted search doesn't answer fundamental questions about privacy and data collection, it's certainly cool. You may want to consider adding a Rollyo search to your magazine's or trade show's website.

Update: Rollyo has caught Dave Jung's eye, as well, in this post entitled "Fix Google, please."

Grab: The search world is getting some potentially better choices and I don't own any Google stock to worry about. I've already changed the default search tool on Firefox to ASK at work and Yahoo at home


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