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Monday, March 27, 2006

A question for you... 

While I'm on an editorial roll, I'll point to GameBiz Daily, which as usual, comes through with a thoughtful editorial insight in its regular Media Coverage column:

One gimmick that was regularly fought over in newsrooms in the pre-Media Coverage days, was the use of questions as headlines. On some publications, editors banned the use of questions as cover lines entirely. On others, we used questions, but occasionally regretted that choice.

The real problem with question-headlines is that they are often a cheap cop out. Big-font questions allow publications to make bold statements without having to really stand behind them.

If you're tempted to use questions in headlines, or as coverlines, GameDailyBiz offers the seven following suggestions:

1. Answer the freakin' question.
2. Answer the question you asked
3. Answer in the positive
4. Answer as quickly as possible
5. Answer definitively
6. Center the story on the question
7. If you're going to ask a question... ask big!

If you're a b2b editor, I highly recommend subscribing to GameDailyBiz. Every Friday, they do a terrific job of dissecting and analyzing specialty gaming media, which is not all that different from business-to-business media.


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