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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Steve Cohn: The Editor's Editor 

Last week, my former colleagues at min honored editor Steve Cohn for his 20 years of service to the best newsletter covering consumer magazine publishing. It's the best, quite simply, because of Steve.

In a previous post on media brands, I noted:

min, The Media Industry Newsletter, has been around for 55 years. But its current must-read status is the result of Steve Cohn, its extraordinary editor.

Check out this tribute to Steve. The group of publishing luminaries who weighs in on Steve is truly amazing, as are the congratulatory ads, and the mock covers featuring Steve created by various magazines (an example of which I've lifted for this post.)

If you read the tributes all the way through, there emerges a portrait of what it takes to be a top b2b editor, if not the top b2b editor. Steve's connection to his audience, and their connection to him, should be a model for all of us in b2b media to aspire to.

Imagine how powerful our b2b brands would be if they were all led by editors like Steve Cohn.

Congratulations, Steve, and thanks.


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